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Respiratory Protection Training

$59.99 CAD


When the air in your work environment is contaminated, your respirator might be the only thing between you and death. To help you choose the right respirator and know how to wear it, this course covers the types of respirators available and the steps for fit tests, user seal checks, donning, inspecting, cleaning, and storing your respirator.



This online Respiratory Protection Training course covers the following topics:

  • Respiratory hazards
  • Types of respirators and when to use them
  • Steps for ensuring a proper fit
  • Donning your respirator
  • User seal checks
  • Inspecting your respirator
  • Replacing filters and cartridges
  • Cleaning and storing your respirator


Approximately 55 minutes

Pass Mark

Knowledge testing is conducted throughout the course. Test questions are designed to reinforce the information presented and must be completed by each participant. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion. Each participant is allowed to repeat the course twice if the course pass mark wasn’t achieved on the first attempt.

Certficate of Completion

Participants who successfully pass the course will be able to print out a certificate of completion through the learning management system.


If you have any questions regarding this course or any of the others, please contact us.

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