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Equipment Courses

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Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Certification

This comprehensive Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Certification course covers all scissor, push-around, straight-stick boom, and articulating boom lifts. This course exceeds all CSA/OHS requirements for classroom operator safety training certification in all Canadian provinces and territories.

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Skid Steer Loader

This online Skid Steer Loader course is designed to teach you how to be a skilled and safe skid steer loader operator. The information in this course covers the basics you need to know regarding inspections, operation, and maintenance. By the end of the course, you’ll take away the techniques and procedures required to reduce the risk of incidents, injuries, and product and property damage.

variable forklift telehandler

Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift)

This online Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift) course is designed to help you develop the competency needed to operate your telehandler safely, while maintaining full control of the equipment and complying with the laws governing its operation.

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Forklift Training (Counterbalanced)

With thousands of lift truck related injuries and fatalities occurring each year, this online Counterbalanced Forklifts course aims to reduce the risks related to sit-down, vertical mast forklifts by teaching you how to become a safe lift truck operator.

front end loader

Front End Loader - Operator Training (CAN)

This course covers an introduction to the equipment, a section on anatomy, stability, maintenance and inspections, hazards, safe operation, forks, attachments, and more. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam.

chainsaw safety

Chainsaw Safety

When you see the power with which a chainsaw can cut down a tree, it’s not hard to understand why chainsaw operators must respect their tool. A healthy respect for and knowledge of your chainsaw’s limits and hazards will help you effectively mitigate them and keep yourself and others safe.

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Hand & Power Tools For Construction

Without tools, today’s construction industry could not function. No matter how simple or sophisticated tools are, they can all be hazardous if not used properly. This online Hand & Power Tools for Construction course explains the importance of hand and power tool safety in construction workplaces.

ladder safety

Ladder Safety (UL)

Unsafe ladder use causes over 500,000 treated injuries and 300 deaths per year at a cost of over $11 billion. There are many more untreated injuries. All employees who may use ladders need to know how to use them safely to prevent injury or death to themselves and others.

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Overhead Crane & Rigging

This course was developed using the most current overhead crane standards, relative ASME rigging standards and over 50 years of operator experience. Proper operation, use, and inspection of overhead cranes and rigging will be addressed.

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Respiratory Protection Training

When the air in your work environment is contaminated, your respirator might be the only thing between you and death. To help you choose the right respirator and know how to wear it, this course covers the types of respirators available and the steps for fit tests, user seal checks, donning, inspecting, cleaning, and storing your respirator.

personal protective equipment course

Personal Protective Equipment for Employees (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a worker’s last line of defense against worksite hazards. As such, it is vital that all employees know how to properly select, use, and maintain all pieces of PPE required on their jobsite. This course teaches learners the basics of various forms of PPE, including hardhats, eye and face protection, hearing protection, and hand and foot protection.